Positive Spirituality in Health Care

Nine Practical Approaches to Pursuing Wholeness for Clinicians, Patients, and Health Care Organizations

The last twenty years have witnessed significant growth in interest and research about spirituality, health, and health care. Clinicians and health care leaders… physicians, nurses, counselors, practitioners of integrative medicine, administrators and others… often appreciate this progress, but frequently say that they are not sure how to bring spirituality into their professional work, citing lack of time, training and skill.

Positive Spirituality in Health Care offers a fresh, holistic and practical framework for the integration of spirituality in health care.
Dr. Craigie proposes that excellent spiritual care arises from three arenas; the personal groundedness and spiritual well-being of clinicians, the clinical encouragement of patients’ spiritual resources, and the organizational cultivation of spirited leadership and “soul.” In an approachable and conversational tone, he presents stories, interview transcripts, research perspectives and wisdom from experience in describing specific strategies that will enable readers to refine their skills in each of these three arenas.

Some key sections of the book address:

Positive Spirituality in Health Care will be a source of affirmation, refreshment, inspiration and practical tools for all clinicians and health care leaders who are passionate about supporting patients’ journeys toward healing and wholeness.